Future Makers
presented by Dance Makers Collective, Blacktown Arts and Riverside Theatres

Lennox Theatre, Riverside Theatres
Thursday 21st March, 7.30 pm
Friday 22nd March 12.00 pm (Q&A after the show) and 7.30 pm

Choreographers: Eliza Cooper, Rhiannon Newton and Ella Watson-Heath
Future Makers/Performers: Phaedra Brown, Jaslyn Boughton, Matina McAneney, Jacinta Mullen, Rachelle Silsby, Daniel Ross and Ashleigh Veitch

Echoes is a triple bill of dance that speaks to liveliness, action and interaction. Each new work, performed and co-created by Future Makers, is distinct from the other, yet connected by the shared sensations of the dancers, resonating between each creative process. These three works are driven by some of Australia’s most exciting choreographers, and performed by some of Sydney’s most exciting emerging dance artists.

Truth and Consequence
Choreographer: Eliza Cooper in collaboration with the performers

In Truth and Consequence, three dancers explore corporeal truths. Seeking genuinity in performance, they recreate small honest moments; no theatrics, no spectacle. Direct and pragmatic, the choreography is simple, yet lively.

cat-and-mouse: The Mouse Strikes Back
Choreographer: Ella Watson-Heath
Sound: Mark Ashforth & Will Britto

The first cat-and-mouse, performed in 2023’s Big Dance 2.0, saw two aliens and some doomsday preppers walk into a dystopian hellscape. We now offer you a sequel, a prequel, an Episode V released second. Aliens and doomsday preppers exit the bar arm in arm…

Rhiannon Newton in collaboration with the performers
Sound: Megan Alice Clune

We have been exploring moments and sensation of contact, connection, touch and exchange. Starting from the materials of our bodies, we have grown and continued to inhabit a web of connections with each other and the spaces we work in. Some connections spiral off in tangents of conversation, some linger in moments of sensation, while others glitch, eager to remain. Somewhere between the moment of contact between skin and floor, fingerprint and device, inbreath and outbreath, we have begun to relish the quality of these moments of contact, the caress of this moment of exchange.