Home Bodies

Home Bodies sees a variety of dance makers creating under conditions of extreme isolation, short bursts of dance to enliven their neighbourhoods.

This project commissioned 25 artists from across NSW and Victoria to perform short dance works made to uplift people in communities of lockdown. Artists hail from a range of dance disciplines, age, gender and identities performing works on balconies, in yards, parks, playgrounds and on street corners for unexpectant audiences, enlivening places with live performance as an antidote to isolation.

This curated project happens once only from the 4th to the 15th of October 2021, with performances also live-streamed on DMC’s instagram, to cheer on these brave site-specific explorations from afar.

This project is supported by PYT Fairfield who have worked with DMC to co-commission those artists with connections to South-Western and Western Sydney.

Check out the artists and find out about their works.

Week 1 | 4-8 October

Week 2 | 11-15 October

Gabriela Green + Keila Terencio
Dança do Quadrado (Square Dance)

Mon 4 Oct | 12PM

Gabriela and Keila are hitting Picken Oval, Croydon Park to share a piece of Latin American street dance culture meets contemporary dance performance with their community of all ages and diverse cultures. Our performance is inspired by the infamous Dança do Quadrado – Square Dance of Brazil.

It is performed in an individual square and explores different movement ideas, rooted in Latin American rhythms and pop culture.

Although this dance was created pre covid, there are some immediate similarities to how we organise our bodies now. We hope that our community experiencing this dance can see that similarity, find relevance and be opened up to a broader sense of connection and engagement in dance that is known and performed by many across the world.

About Gabriela Green

Gabriela Green Olea is a dance artist who works across many mediums. As a daughter and granddaughter of a refugee family, her work responds to the ideas of cross-cultural identity and the transitional space of belonging to community and place. Most recently, Gabriela is interested in Dance as Activism and is a 2021 resident artist at PACT on Gadigal Country. She is a member of the We Are Here company with Emma Saunders in Western Sydney and works regularly with DirtyFeet. Gabriela is a part of the MindsEye collective with Holly Craig and Imogen Yang, dedicated to experimental, participatory and inclusive dance work.

About Keila Terenico

Keila Terencio De Paula is a performance artist and art facilitator, born and raised in Brazil. Keila holds a Performing Arts degree with UFPR (Brazil). She is curious about ways of storytelling exploring physical theatre, aerial dance, puppetry and movement, with a particular interest in subjects related to culture, languages and identity, as well as deep reflections on feeling and body impulses/actions.

Keila’s works have been programmed at Hurstville Gallery’s Art Bomb Exhibition, The Cottage at Brooklyn’s The River exhibition, SSI’s New Beginnings Festival 2018 and 2019, Scratch Art Space as part of Inner West EDGE, 107 Project’s Creative Program, Canberra’s Beyond Festival and Creative Conversations at Annandale Art Centre.

Amy Zhang + Jackson Garcia
Teenage Dreams

Mon 4 Oct | 4PM

Teenage Dreams is movement based collaboration between Amy Zhang and Jackson Garcia, exploring nostalgia and its ability to create visceral experiences by stimulating different areas of the brain that create dopamine. By dancing to nostalgic teen anthems and with the help of neuroimaging, we hope to transport ourselves and our audience out of 2021 and into the joys of memory lane.

About Amy Zhang

Amy Zhang is a movement artist and choreographer who specialises in street dance. Having completely immersed herself in the global street dance scene, she has worked, taught, choreographed and performed, both nationally and internationally. Amy’s practise explores the intersections of cultural nuance and storytelling through experimenting with street-style foundations and contemporary frameworks. Her work explores these ideas through both the physical and digital space. Amy has created works, toured and undertaken residencies with Critical Path, Diversity Arts, Supercell Festival, The Joan, Belvoir St Theatre, Brisbane Festival, Metro Arts and Vitalstatistix. Amy was also a resident of the City of Sydney Live/Work residency in 2020.

About Jackson Garcia

Jackson Garcia’s art practise spans across live performance, street dance and digital media. Coming from the world of street dance where he has accumulated many titles, Jackson is known and sought after for this ability to combine his foundations in B-Boying, Popping, Locking and Hip Hop to create his own style of movement. His diverse skill set has seen him teach, choreograph, perform and compete both nationally and internationally. Jackson’s unique style has found him gaining the lead role in award winning contemporary-break theatre show, MINDED, that has toured through China, Adelaide Fringe Festival and Melbourne. He has also featured in Cross Cultures programmed in No Show at Carriageworks, One Way at La Boite Theatre and KLAPPSQUAD at the Campbelltown Arts Centre.

Jack Wardana
Balcony of the Popping Topeng

Tue 5 Oct | 5PM

A mix of the Street Dance style of Popping & Indonesian Topeng mask dance, Poppin’ Jack will be performing the Tari Topeng Indonesian mask dance and transform his balcony into an Indonesian stage with the use of Batik and other patterned materials hanging across the railings. As the performance progresses the music and clothing change to transform the performance into Popping, finishing up with a funky red bowler hat and suit.

About Jack Wardana

Poppin’ Jack has been dancing for as long as he can remember and has worked hard and passionately to get to where he is today. Through years of experience learning from some of the best in the world, Jack has gained knowledge, recognition and a deeper understanding of dance and how to teach. Jack has been involved in the street dance community since 2002 and attended the Newtown High School of the Performing Arts. Running events to nurture and grow the Australian community Jack is seen as a major influence in building, shaping and guiding the younger generation of dancers. Jack has represented Australia at competitions in America, Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore, New Zealand and Taiwan. In 2017 Jack and his Popping team competed in the KOD Street Dance World Cup Asian Qualifier in Seoul South Korea where they beat China and Japan to gain entry into the 2018 KOD Street Dance World Cup. For the last few years Jack has been learning from and performing with the Suara Indonesia Dance Group to get more in touch with his cultural roots and to find new ways of expression.

Zachary Lopez

Wed 6 Oct | 12:30PM

This short work tries to embody characteristics of 90s karaoke video clips – picturesque, romantic and the nonsensical. It will attempt to conjure a dreamscape and dramatise power ballads whilst being situated in an outdated playground, heavily shaded by towering trees. Vocalising behind PPE, this video clip dance for neighbours blurs text and movement to navigate a way out of confinement and towards that 100 point score.

About Zachary Lopez

Zachary Lopez (b. 1993, Meanjin Country) is an artist working with dance and choreography. He recently exhibited an installation work at 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art. Lopez has worked with Marrugeku, Co3 (WA), Opera Australia, The Farm (QLD), Sydney Dance Company (associate artist), Legs on the Wall, Maxine Doyle (Punchdrunk UK/Strut Dance), among others. Lopez began his training at QUT, graduating in 2013 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and with Sydney Dance Company (Pre-Professional Year) 2014.

Rachel Coulson
Skin Suit 1.5

Wed 6 Oct | 6PM

Skin Suit is an episodic body of work that supports dancers’ approach to our form. An ever-changing paradigm formulated in response to the global pandemic, the work interrogates the what, when, how and why we dance. With studios and theatres closed, Zoom fatigue runs high, and we yearn for systems unbound by schedules, theatres or money. Skin Suit marries rigorous physicality and public environments of geographic closeness whilst its renegade nature allows space for initiation and honest exploration.

About Rachel Coulson

Rachel is currently based in Naarm (Melbourne), where she performs, choreographs and facilitates. Rachel trained at Newtown High School of the Performing Arts and The Victorian College of the Arts. She began her dance career in 2011, performing in Stephanie Lake and Robin Fox’s, A Giant Theremin. She has gone on to perform in works by Antony Hamilton (Blood & Bone, Melbourne International Arts Festival 2012; Nyx, Melbourne International Arts Festival 2015), Keith Deverell and Shelley Lasica (Grace Note #5, Sugar Mountain Festival 2013), Lucy McRae (Swallowable Parfum, 2014), Rebecca Jensen and Sarah Aiken (Overworld, Next Wave Festival 2014; Dance Massive 2015), Melanie Lane (XO Space’s DARK program, Asia TOPA 2017), and Alisdair Macendoe (Reference Material, Darebin Speakeasy 2021). Rachel will be performing in Chunky Move’s next major work, Yung Lung.

Laura Bao-Tran Huynh
Cái Chảo, Cái Dĩa: A Pan, A Plate

Thu 7 Oct | 11:15AM

Cái Chảo, Cái Dĩa: One pan, One plate aims to bring a sense of awareness and appreciation towards asian culture. There are small subtleties in life which help define us and our culture, in this case, Laura aims to explore one specific aspect of her Vietnamese culture- that is, drying her dishes with the natural daylight of the sun. This small subtlety of her culture is often something overlooked, as she feels that this simple act of drying dishes in the sun shows the grit and integrity of her culture. Fully appreciating the act of washing your dishes after a grateful meal, and utilising nature’s surroundings to aid with the process of drying dishes is something to be appreciated within Vietnamese culture. Utilising this idea, the performance is curated around the process of washing, drying, and appreciating our culture’s dishes, and fully immersing ourselves to be present within that experience.

Laura Bao-Tran Huynh

Laura is a 21 year old performer from Sydney, Australia. Initially starting her journey in dance through the Sydney street dance scene, she has become acquainted with freestyle and battling- growing a sense of love for dance and the ways it is able to help express herself. She has gained opportunities to work with non-profit NGO, DSDA Inc., providing media and marketing services to promote street dance within Sydney. This year she has decided to extend her knowledge of dance by partaking in Village Nation’s Full Time training course, on her way to completing her Certificate IV in Dance. Throughout the current year, she has worked and studied through industry opportunities and artistic opportunities, such as the D.A.P, HUMXN, and OneDanceCollective’s Artist Circle programs in order to continually uplift her creative skills. She is hoping to continually integrate parts of her personal, and sometimes vulnerable, identity and new findings in life, into her works.

Ryuichi Fujimura
one day out of life

Thu 7 Oct | 1:45PM

My performance for Home Bodies explores the desire we all share once the pandemic is behind us (and after having a decent haircut) – travel. I will perform my piece in the courtyard of the large apartment complex where I live for its residents.

I would like to thank Matt Cornell from DMC for his encouragement and choreographic inspiration through his class during lockdown.

About Ryuichi Fujimura

Ryuichi Fujimura is an independent dance artist based in Sydney. Since the mid 1990’s, he has studied contemporary dance technique as well as improvisation and choreography in Australia and overseas. Over the last fifteen years, Ryuichi has collaborated with both emerging and established artists/companies in various dance, theatre, opera, site-specific performance and film projects.

Nicola Ford
At Least I Have Cake

Thu 7 Oct | 5PM

‘At Least I Have Cake’ explores the psychology of birthday parties and the importance we place upon these occasions for our own sense of happiness. Originating from Pagan traditions, birthdays have become an integral part of our social and cultural structures. However, recent Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns have forced us to shift our preconceived understandings of birthday gatherings, as we navigate the paradox of celebrating together, separately.

About Nicola Ford

Nicola Ford is an emerging contemporary dance artist based in Newcastle, Australia. After graduating with a Bachelor of Dance Performance, Nicola was selected to participate in Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company MASA Dance Journey Programme in Israel.

Since returning back to Australia, Nicola has featured in many performances across the various art disciplines of dance, physical theatre and immersive theatre. Her recent dance credits include; ‘Awkward’, Catapult Dance Choreographic Hub (2021), ‘Acquist’, Catapult Dance Choreographic Hub (2021), ‘Mea Culpa’, Cloe [F] Projects/ Form Dance Projects (2019), and ‘Ritual’, Twisted Element Dance Company (2019). Additionally, Nicola has also collaborated in

numerous choreographic processes across Australia and Israel, including: Omer Bachley Astrachan- ‘Human Remains’, Dance Makers Collective- ‘The Rivoli’, Alleyne Dance (UK)- ‘Mobilise’, and Impermanence Dance (UK).

As well as performing professionally, Nicola also has a strong passion for generating dance work. In 2019/20 Nicola was commissioned to create choreographic works for both the Sydney State and Regional NSW Youth Dance Companies, and has guest lectured in both Secondary and Tertiary education institutions across NSW.

Emma Harrison
the long and short of it

Fri 8 Oct | 1:45PM

The long and short of it is that it’s never-ending, always shifting, never changing, constantly looping, moving towards, tipping, failing, falling, always ending, never resting, ever-changing, always starting. Until it’s not.

About Emma Harrison

Emma Harrison is a performer and maker across a multitude of art forms. Primarily a contemporary dancer and choreographer, Emma’s practice encompasses multidisciplinary works merging dance, improvisation, film and theatre. She is a graduate of WAAPA/LINK Dance Company and UTS Media Arts and Production.

As a film auteur, Emma has worked on projects for Campbelltown Arts Centre, STRUT Dance, DirtyFeet, Critical Path, Triple J and NIDA, visual artist Susan Hawkins and dancers Gabriela Green Olea, Zachary Lopez, Michael Smith and Yilin Kong. She regularly implements elements of film, projection, and live feeds into her body of performance works and lectures in dance and film at the ACPE. In dance, Emma works with independent choreographers in both Sydney and Perth and is a member of Dance Makers Collective (2021). She has presented choreographic developments and performances through Ausdance NSW, March Dance Festival, Art Month; First Draft Gallery, Bondi Feast, Crack X Festival, Strut Dance WA, Annandale Creative Arts, Sydney Fringe Festival, Fremantle Arts Centre and as a DirtyFeet Choreographic Out of the Studio recipient. Recent performance credits include Carriageworks, Nick Cave HEARD (UK), Brand X/ Dirtyfeet MADONNA, Scratch Space Gallery Edge and Dance Makers Collective 2020 Sydney Festival performance ‘The Rivoli.’

Emma lives and works on unceded Gadigal land.

Nikki Sekar
… Cradled

Fri 8 Oct | 5PM

We carefully pave a path with hard work, trying to fulfil our dreams. Despite knowing that there are thorns and rocks in the way, we carefully move it aside from our path. However, the pandemic came, like a small storm brewing in the distance, only to ruffle up our path. Losing all that once was.

For me, nature was my refuge. Nature is/was dance and the natural environment. It helped cradle me and to get through these turbulent times…

What is your poetic subject?

“…Cradled”, explores current pandemic dilemmas through dance and verses from the Tamil Poet, Perumal Murugan.

About Nikki Sekar

Nikki Sekar is an up-coming artmaker who is Sri Lankan-born, Australian-raised. She is a practitioner of Traditional South Indian (Bharathanatyam) dance, with experience in contemporary. Nikki creates works that reflect her South Asian diaspora and Australian identity, working in multidisciplinary and cross-cultural collaborations. She explores and depicts modern day problems through her South Asian/ contemporary vocabulary and hopes to accentuate and display the subtleties and resplendence of the multifarious form of Bharathanatyam to a wider audience.

Currently, Nikki is a dancer/ choreographer for Agal Dance Company, performing since 2017 for the company. She has choreographed a few pieces for Agal Dance Company by combining various dance vocabularies since 2019. Currently, she is choreographing solo experimental works, commissioned works with Agal Dance company and partakes in further training like the Force Majeure ‘INCITE’ intensive sessions to further her skills.

Mitchell Christie + Clara Harrison

Mon 11 Oct | 1:30PM

Housemates is a collaboration between Clara Harrison and Mitchell Christie. Combining live vocals and dance, this short-show is created as a gift to their neighbours of Roberts St and visitors of Camperdown Park.

Clara and Mitchell met a decade ago at Newtown High School of the Performing Arts and have since travelled the world pursuing their respective careers in theatre and entertainment. Unexpectedly, the global COVID-19 pandemic has brought them back to their old stomping grounds, as housemates.

The show is designed to bring joy to the community that has welcomed them back with such compassion and comradery.

About Mitchell Christie

Mitchell Christie is an Australian freelance dancer, creator and educator. Based in New York for six years, he holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from one of USA’s most prestigious college conservatories – SUNY Purchase.

Interested in how dance can live outside of the traditional theatre setting, Mitchell creates multidisciplinary works in collaboration with musicians, actors and designers. He is a founding member of BIRDHOUSE collective, a Brooklyn-based company critically acclaimed for their innovative site-specific works and advocacy for accessible art.

Mitchell now is based back in Australia and is a performer and collaborator with Sydney Experimental Arts Ensemble.

About Clara Harrison

Clara Harrison completed her studies in Musical Theatre at Brent Street, Sydney.  She has since worked in the entertainment industry as an actress, vocalist and voice-over artist for professional companies across the world including Universal Studios Japan, Diamond Head Theatre – Hawaii, The ABC, MTV and NCL and Princess Cruises.

Clara is passionate about both performing and creating. She has developed numerous cabarets and solo shows including “Divas Through the Decades” and “A Night at the Suite” performed internationally.

Tra Mi Dinh
It’s here, but it’s also everywhere

Mon 4 Oct | 6PM

it’s on the porch
it’s sliding through trees
bouncing across the footpath
it’s in the kitchen, and in the shower
it’s in your body
and among the flowers
it’s here,
but it’s also everywhere

Tra Mi Dinh

Tra Mi is a dance artist based across Melbourne and Sydney. She’s worked for artists including Lucy Guerin Inc, Chunky Move, Victoria Chiu, Lee Serle, Michelle Heaven, Isabelle Beauvard and Monica Bill Barnes & Company in works presented at Rising, Dance Massive, AsiaTopa, MEL&NYC, and Melbourne International Arts Festival. Her choreographic practice has been supported by Tasdance’s On the Island program, Sydney Fringe Festival’s Art in Isolation, Critical Path, and Readymade Studios Constant Relay. Tra Mi graduated from Victorian College of the Arts, in 2014 with a BFA (Dance) and the Orloff Family Charitable Trust Scholarship for Most Outstanding Dancer.

Tamara Eve Bouman
What do I do today?

Tue 12 Oct | 12PM

The monotony of the stay-at-home order bleeds one day into the next.
The world continues moving, we live in bubbles.
The couch is more familiar with my body than I am.
How to fill the time?
Make a to-do list, tick three things off each day.
Revel in the feigned productivity of time-wasting.
Sit in the boredom.
a burst. Sudden. Of energy, of the ridiculous, of the childish, the silly, the fun – stirs you to get out off the couch. To dance in the kitchen, to bake a loaf of sourdough, to walk the dogs. Three things ticked off……
……..Back to the couch……

About Tamara Eve Bouman

Tamara is a Sydney based emerging contemporary dance artist. Beginning her training at the age of three, she trained in commercial, classical and contemporary dance techniques. She trained in Sydney at commercial dance institutions including Brent Street and the Village Performing Arts, alongside ballet training at Tanya Pearson’s Classical Coaching Academy. In 2019 she graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts (University of Melbourne) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance). Tamara is keenly interested in cross disciplinary and cross cultural collaboration, exploring the sheer physicality, intricacy and dexterity of movement and the body’s limits/restrictions, using dance to deepen her connection to her culture, land and self. During this covid-climate Tamara has developed an interest in the body’s capacity for fun, for learning, for sharing and for remembering.

Adam Warburton + Kimberly Aviso
Fresh Flowers

Tue 12 Oct | 5PM

Fresh Flowers is a live dance and music work taking place on a balcony in Carlton where the artists Kimberly, Adam and Raphaella Warburton reside. The work is about bringing life and colour back to our lives and our neighbourhood amidst the  dullness and monotony of Covid lockdown life. The work was conceived by the dead pot plants hanging over the artist’s balcony and the idea to bring them back to life with colourful, cardboard flowers. The work incorporates hip hop inspired beats, soulful vocals and street dance movements.

About Adam Warburton

Adam Warburton is a Sydney based, independent artist, street dancer and choreographer. Warburton teaches and facilitates community dance and movement based programs, while creating and developing performative works to engage audiences and bring people together. His works involve themes and issues surrounding community, sound, the body as a creative instrument, masculinity and street dance and hip hop culture.

About Kimberly Aviso

Kimberly Aviso is a singer/songwriter, artist and musician working on various projects using her lilting and soulful voice. From soft subtle tones to vocal strength reaching the hearts of her audience. You can catch Kimberly playing solo as a singer/songwriter, joining in on rock, pop, soul & jazz bands, collaborating with fellow artists & producers, creating sounds in performance art, as well as singing at weddings.

Azzam Mohamed
Another Day at the Playground

Wed 13 Oct | 12PM

Another Day at the Playground takes place at the Underwood Reserve in Summer Hill. Drawing inspiration from the space itself, a space full of obstacles, Azzam uses his Freestyle practice to showcase how an obstacle such as a playground slide, can affect the shape, the texture, and the quality of a movement. Azzam then takes the same movements and performs them in an empty space, shifting the dance from the previous interactions with the obstacles to uncover the impact on the dance in an uninterrupted space.

About Azzam Mohamed

Azzam Mohamed, also known as Shazam, I’m a dancer, performer, and educator. I have been dancing for over 13 years, and have trained in an array of different dance styles including African traditional and street dance styles. I have competed locally and internationally, I recently won Australia’s largest street dance battle “Destructive Steps” in 2019, and was invited to judge the event the year after. In 2020 I performed in “Two Crews” choreographed by Nick Power, and performed my own solo work “ME, MYSELF, I”. Currently I’m working on “The Risk of Hyperbole”, a collaborative work with Australian composer Jack Prest, and installation artists Joe Wilson and Chanelle Collier, which is set to premier in October 2021 at Phoenix Gallery.

Sarah Kalule

Wed 13 Oct | 4:30PM

Showcased around the joys of bike riding; ‘GOT YOUR BIKE?’ begins with an ordinary day with everything needed for the perfect BMX track ride – extravagant helmet, striking knee pads, classy bike shorts and a water bottle, of course. Except for one item – a bike. With no bike on hand, this is a challenging predicament! Therein poses the question – can the thrills of bike riding exist without the essential instrument? Will the locals stare in confusion at the oddity of this circumstance? Will someone take pity and lend a bike? With no choice but to carry on, this performance will take curiosity to heart. ‘GOT YOUR BIKE?’ is a dance of joy, fun and imaginative alternatives.

About Sarah Kalule

Sarah is a Sydney, Australia based dancer, choreographer and interdisciplinary artist. She has training in ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, commercial dance and musical theatre. After her secondary studies at Australian Performing Arts College (2013), Sarah pursued musical theatre and creative direction. Sarah is known to “Burn up the [dance] floor” (Stage Whispers 2016) with her dance skills. She has worked on productions including: ‘Beautiful: The Carole King Musical’ as Shirelles (NSW Premiere 2021), ‘In the Heights’ as dance captain (BTC 2017), ‘Hairspray’ (UTS: Backstage 2016), additionally, ‘Encounter’ as a company member with Form Dance Projects (Four Winds Festival 2019) & (Sydney Festival 2020). Alongside her dance performance endeavours, Sarah Kalule aspires to share her choreographic artistry (LULE Tribe). She creates visual imprints through fluidity in movement and geometric progressions. Furthermore, she hones into the moulding of self-identity and organic expression.

Pepa Molina
Voy a Toledo

Thu 14 Oct | 12PM

“Voy a Toledo” is a traditional Folkloric Flamenco piece known as Sevillanas Corraleras, sung by older Gypsies of Lebrija (Lebrija is a small town in Seville, Andalucía – Spain) using kitchen utensils along with guitar and song.

It’s very quirky, uplifting, full of rhythm and energy.

This piece is usually danced with a partner, but I feel it’s perfect to dance in isolation as it’s a statement of resilience to dance this dance as a “solo” whilst in lockdown and not being able to travel.

About Pepa Molina

Pepa Molina is an Australian Flamenco artist with Andalusian heritage and a respected international profile.

Multi-award-winning founder and Director of Dance Company Compañía Pepa Molina since 2004, producing and choreographing 7 full length Flamenco productions to date staged worldwide in collaboration with leading Australian and International dance professionals and musicians.

Pepa is dedicated to promoting, producing, and propagating the unique artform of Flamenco within the Spanish and non-Spanish speaking communities of Australia and increasing the awareness and recognition of Australian artistic excellence overseas.

Eliam Royalness
ata mai

Thu 14 Oct | 7PM

Eliam Royalness fuses elements of the Siva Samoa and it’s sounds with the elements of Vogue to create a unique blend of two cultures that may seem different, but have a natural and genuine cohesion. This work is performed on my front porch in Liverpool for my neighbours and my family.

About Eliam Royalness

Eliam Royalness is a choreographer & performer from Sydney’s south-west and has been creating dance works since his teenage years. He originates from Wellington NZ and from the influence of his Polynesian heritage, has a strong sense of purpose and direction. Equipped with the raw training in various street dance styles, combined with his calm character quality and respectful yet diverse take on dance, Eliam is a unique being with an interesting viewpoint on dance.  

Eliam is the founder and director of Australia’s national champion megacrew, The Pioneers MC, who’ve represented Australia at Hip-Hop International in the U.S. He is also a leading figure of Australian Ballroom (Vogue) with the House of Sle (AUS) & the House of Oricci (USA).

Eliam’s style is influenced by elements of various genres under the street dance umbrella. He’s trained in the foundations of Waacking, Hip-Hop Grooves, Afro, and Vogue; and incorporates these foundations into his movement and choreography.  

Eliam’s inspiring drive and passion shows in his creations, personality, and his continued work through The Pioneers MC and his various ventures.

Rachell Dade
Street Moves

Fri 15 Oct | 1:30PM

Bringing movement and lightness back to a street in lockdown. Rachell will be exploring movement within Brazilian and Caribbean rhythms and party culture.

Connecting with the passers by to create a party atmosphere that we’ve been missing for so long. Expect a bright costume and big moves. Filling the street with a sense of hope for the future of social dance and community connection as we come out of lockdown.

About Rachell Dade

Sydney based dancer and choreographer, Rachell Dade is a powerful force of sunshiney energy. She’s dedicated her life to the exploration of bold, colourful expressions of culture from around the world.

She’s been dancing since the get go and doesn’t have an end point in sight, with performance as her deepest passion.

As a performer, Rachell brings absolute fire and presence to the stage. For her it is always about connecting with and moving her audience.  She works hard to keep the street dance community pumping with energy and life as all in all Rach loves dance and the deep connection we all share.

Joshua Lowe + Brianna Kell

Fri 15 Oct | 8:30PM

On a basketball court in Southbank Melbourne, surrounded by high rise residential towers, Joshua Lowe and Brianna Kell will perform in a trio with court-wide laser projections.

About Joshua Lowe

Joshua is a choreographer and business leader of creative and not-for-profit organisations. Until 2020 he was the founding CEO and Artistic Director of Hobart’s youth dance company DRILL, and between 2018 and 2019 was the Artistic Director of Melbourne’s pre-professional dance company, Yellow Wheel, previously working as the founding Company Manager since 2012. A graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts, Joshua’s creative practice has focused on co-creating site-specific work with young people. He currently works as the General Manager of Theatre Network Australia.

About Brianna Kell

Brianna Kell is a dancer, choreographer and educator. Brianna has choreographed works ‘Narcifixion’ with Anton, ‘The Wave Beneath Us’ on the students of VCA, ‘Fly by Night’ in collaboration with ABC radio producer Mike Williams, ‘Observation’ for DirtyFeet, ‘Flow’ for InMotion, ‘The Void’, and ‘Heaven Metal’. Brianna has danced and toured with companies The Farm, Co3, Tasdance, Limosani Projekts, DirtyFeet, and Murmuration. Brianna has been in residence at The Farm, Critical Path, Sydney University, and a TRIP resident at Tasdance. Brianna is inspired by the gift of spontaneity and sharing her knowledge of the moving body with all who are curious.