Beryl La

Beryl La is an emerging Sydney-based performer, choreographer and educator. Her interdisciplinary work has taken shape in various forms (live performance, film, installation and visual arts) but has always referenced the body and movement as a point of archive. As a second-generation Vietnamese-Chinese Australian and artist, she is curious about the human experiences of cross-cultural bodies and challenging stereotypes via contemporary experimental modes. 

She is currently an ensemble member with PYT Fairfield and dancer with Future Makers, facilitated by Dance Makers Collective. With a Bachelor of Arts/Education from UNSW and a passion for lifelong learning, she is also a secondary English, dance and drama teacher and teaching artist for youth arts programs. Previous selected highlights include ‘IN SITU’ (Sydney Festival 2021), ‘The Rivoli’ (Sydney Festival 2020), ‘From Me to You’ (Firstdraft 2020), ‘Chất độc’ (2020, 2019, 2018), ‘Longevity’ (Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre 2019), ‘Hiraeth’ (2016) & ’Bankstown Live’ (Sydney Festival 2015).