Cinzia Marrocco

Cinzia Marrocco is a passionate dancer, and choreographer based in Sydney, Australia. Cinzia Marrocco started dancing at Lamont Dance Theatre from a young age.

She has further completed 6 years of training at Brigidine College, in their extensive Dance program. She completed HSC dance receiving 2 nominations into call back. In 2019, Cinzia began studying a Bachelor Of Dance, at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts, majoring in Contemporary Dance. In 2019, she joined the Dance Makers Collective youth company, where she trained with like-minded youths. During this time, she performed in the Dance Makers Collectives work; ‘The Rivoli’, performed as part of the Sydney Arts Festival. Additionally, she was a part of the recent Kaldor Art project; Correspondence by Nadia Oldum, a site-specific work performed at the Art Gallery of NSW.  Cinzia’s passion for dance and choreography have been reflected in her most recent works; “At Bay” and “Paranoia” which have been featured on both Dance Life Unite and the Amherst Ballet Project.

At the start of 2021, Cinzia had the opportunity to work alongside Richard Cilli, to create a site specific solo for Future Makers work ‘In Situ’ for Sydney Festival 2021. Cinzia is now studying a Masters of Teaching, majoring in Dance.