Creative Collaborators

DMC works with a range of creative practitioners including dance makers, performers, composers, designers, production staff, visual and multidisciplinary artists and cultural consultants. These collaborators enrich and fulfill the breadth of our projects and programs, we couldn’t make our work without these incredible people. Below is a list of all the creatives we work/have worked with.

NameRoleProjects and Programs
Adam WarburtonDancer/ChoreographerHome Bodies
Alan WheenDancerDancing with Dad – Miri and Alan
Alison PleveyArtistIso-somatic Sessions
Amber McCartneyChoreographerFuture Makers Masterclass
Amy FlanneryComposer/DancerRapport, Iso-somatic Sessions, Resurgence, Pitch Lab 2020/2022
Amy ZhangDancer/ChoreographerHome Bodies
Aroha PehiDancerThe Rivoli Tour, Saturday Night Social, Pitch Lab 2021
Azzam MohamedDancerHome Bodies, Pitch Lab 2021
Bedelia LowrencevDancerFuture Makers
Bhenji RaArtistIso-somatic Sessions
Billy KeohavongDancerConnect
Brianna KellDancer/ChoreographerHome Bodies, In Situ, Iso-somatic Sessions, Future Makers Masterclass
Chris WadeDancerFuture Makers
Clara HarrisonSingerHome Bodies
Craig BaryChoreographerFuture Makers Masterclass, In Situ
Cyrus MeurantComposerBig Dance in Small Chunks
Del LumantaComposerIn Situ
Eliam RoyalnessDancer/ChoreographerHome Bodies
Eliza CooperDancerThe Rivoli Tour, Saturday Night Social, Pitch Lab 2020
Ella HavelkaDancerDADS tour
Emily FlanneryDancerFuture Makers, Pitch Lab 2020
Emma SaundersChoreographerFuture Makers Masterclass
Gabriel ComerfordArtistIso-somatic Sessions
Gabriela Green OleaDancer/ChoreographerHome Bodies, Iso-somatic Sessions
Gavin ClarkeArtist/ComposerIso-somatic Sessions, Big Dance in Small Chunks
George CapelasComposerBig Dance in Small Chunks
Greg Poppleton’s BandMusiciansThe Rivoli Sydney Festival
Hayley Megan FrenchVisual ArtistDMC website and studio space
Holly MacdonaldCeramicistConverge /\ Diverge
Issy EstrellaDancerDADS tour
Ivey WawnChoreographerFuture Makers Masterclass
Jack WardanaDancer/ChoreographerHome Bodies
Jackson GarciaDancer/ChoreographerHome Bodies
Jade Dewl Tyas TunggalArtistIso-Somatic Sessions
James BoydDancerPitch Lab 2021
James BrownComposerBig Dance in Small Chunks
James HazelComposerResurgence
James WelsbyArtistIso-somatic Sessions
Jana CastilloDancerFuture Makers Masterclass, The Rivoli Tour
Jasmin SheppardArtist/ChoreographerIso-somatic Sessions, Resurgence
Jasmine DuffLighting DesignerResurgence
Joshua LoweDancer/ChoreographerHome Bodies
Julie-Anne LongChoreographerFuture Makers Masterclass, In Situ
Jye UrenDancerPitch Lab 2020
Keila TerenicoDancer/ChoreographerHome Bodies
Kiara MalcomDancerPitch Lab 2021
Kimberly AvisoSingerHome Bodies
Kristina AlleyneDancer/ChoreographerMobilise
Kristina ChanChoreographerResurgence
Laura Bao-HuynhDancer/ChoreographerHome Bodies
Lee SerleChoreographerFuture Makers Masterclass, In Situ
Lili OcchiutoComposerResurgence
Luke Currie-RichardsonDancerThe Rivoli Sydney Festival
Martin del AmoChoreographerFuture Makers Masterclass, In Situ, Connect
Matthew ShilcockArtistIso-somatic sessions
Mitchell ChristieDancerThe Rivoli Tour, Home Bodies, Saturday Night Social, Pitch Lab 2022
Mitchell MollisonComposer/MusicianTriple Bill, Big Dance in Small Chunks
Moe ClarkMusicianFuture Makers Masterclass
Monica MorenoDancerFuture Makers
Nadia OdlumDirectorCorrespondence
Nicola FordDancer/ChoreographerHome Bodies
Niharika SenapatiArtistIso-somatic Sessions
Nikki SekarDancer/ChoreographerHome Bodies
Patricia WoodDancer/ChoreographerPitch Lab 2020, Future Makers Masterclass, So far sonar
Pepa MolinaDancer/ChoreographerHome Bodies
Peta StrachanCultural Consultant/DancerIn Situ
Rachel CoulsonDancer/ChoreographerHome Bodies
Rachell DadeDancer/ChoreographerHome Bodies
Renata CommissoDancerPitch Lab 2020
Riana Head-ToussaintArtist/ChoreographerFuture Makers Masterclass, Iso-somatic Sessions, In Situ
Richard CilliChoreographerFuture Makers Masterclass, In Situ
Romain HassaninDancerPitch Lab 2020, 2021, DADS Tour
Ryuichi FujimuraDancer/ChoreographerFuture Makers Masterclass, Home Bodies, In Situ
Sade AlleyneDancer/ChoreographerMobilise
Sarah KaluleDancer/ChoreographerHome Bodies
Shana O’BrienDancerPitch Lab 2020, Iso-somatic Sessions
SuperstitiousMusiciansSaturday Night Social
Taiga Kita-LeongDancerThe Rivoli Tour, Saturday Night Social
Tamara Eve BoumanDancer/ChoreographerHome Bodies
Thuba NdibaliDancerPitch Lab 2020
Tim ConstableComposerWEBISODES
Todd FullerVisual ArtistTriple Bill, Big Dance in Small Chunks
Tra Mi DinhDancer/ChoreographerFuture Makers Masterclass, Home Bodies, Connect
Victoria HuntChoreographerFuture Makers Masterclass
Vishnu ArunasalamDancerPitch Lab 2021
Zachary LopezDancer/ChoreographerFuture Makers Masterclass, Home Bodies, In Situ