Juliet Saito

Juliet is a dance artist based on Gadigal Land. She graduated from Transit Dance in 2019 where she worked with choreographers such as Gabrielle Nankivell, Paea Leach, Harrison Hall, and Daniel Jaber. She was a member of Yellow Wheel in 2019. Performing a remount of ‘Circle Dance’ by Gideon Obarzanek at the Festival of Jewish Arts and Music.

Juliet co-choreographed twice with Meghan Bassett creating i’m a plant and paint in our toes, paint up your nose. In 2020 she contributed as a dancer to two of Dirty Feet’s choreographic labs working with Alice Weber and Audrey Burden. In 2021 Juliet continued research with Alice Weber for her work Dream Cellscapes performing the work at Cement Fondu. In 2021 Juliet had a residency as a part of Ready Made Works’ Constant Relay program, where she investigated what relation means and the reach that occurs between entities.