Melanie Palomares

DMC Founding Member

Melanie is an independent dancer and performer, secondary dance teacher as well as Vinyasa/Yin Yoga teacher. Since 2006, she has worked and performed for Shaun Parker & Company (Happy as Larry, Am I), Branch Nebula (Bush Sessions), Ghenoa Gela (Winds of Woerr), Force Majeure & Ghenoa Gela (Game of Seven), Taikoz & Digital Shamans (Origin of O), Jason Pitt (What remains, Oi), Bernadette Walong-Sene (Hiddenrevealed), Liz Lea (120 Birds, Inflight), Deborah Pollard & Paschal Daantos Berry (Within & Without), DirtyFeet Dance Collective, Kay Armstrong (Pulse8), Martin del Amo (Champions), Narelle Benjamin and Raghav Handa (Silent Trio Beats). She is also a founding member of Dance Makers Collective (Big Dance in Small Chunks, DADS).

Since 2011, Melanie has worked with Shaun Parker & Company touring throughout Australia, Europe, UK and Asia. She was also Rehearsal Director for The Yard, touring regionally from 2011-2015.

Melanie choreographed and performed solos for The Village Bizarre Festival Through the Windows, in The Rocks, Sydney (2014-2015).More recent projects include Ghenoa Gela’s Fragments of Malungoka, which won the Keir Choreographic Award (2016), Dance Makers Collective Dads (2016), Martin del Amo’s Champions for Sydney Festival (2017), Home a film in collaboration with Marnie Palomares & Timothy Constable for the Balik Bayan Festival at Blacktown Arts Centre (2017), and Kristina Chan’s new work Mountain commissioned by Campbelltown Arts Centre (2018).