Big Dance 2.0

Riverside Theatres Parramatta
Thursday 12 October – Saturday 14 October 2023

Big Dance 2.0 is a smorgasbord of big ideas in tiny morsels, co-curated, created and performed by the next generation of dance leaders in Sydney.

Ten years ago, a group of ten budding independent dance makers got together and created nine new and exciting short works presented in Dance Bites 2013 by FORM Dance Projects at Riverside Theatres. Explosive dance in tiny bursts, Big Dance in Small Chunks launched Dance Makers Collective, almost 10 years ago to the day, and to celebrate this milestone, we propose a revival of a different kind.

Big Dance 2.0 invites a new cohort of makers to reimagine the task DMC set in 2013, to work together and create a series of brand new short works, as makers, performers, outside eyes and producers.

Choreography, Direction and Performers Madeleine Backen, Jana Castillo, Mitchell Christie, Eliza Cooper, Amy Flannery, Emma Harrison, Jye Uren, Ashleigh Veitch, Ella Watson-Heath

Lighting Designer 
Benjamin Brockman

Production Manager Kaylee Ashton

Producer Carl Sciberras

Photography Nat Cartney