Big Dance 2.0

Big Dance 2.0 is a smorgasbord of big ideas in tiny morsels, co-curated, created and performed by the next generation of dance leaders in Sydney, to celebrate DMC’s 10 year anniversary!

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The Rivoli

An immersive dance hall meets dance theatre performance, The Rivoli is a tribute to the iconic dance halls across Australia that were a celebration of social life before social media. A hit at Sydney Festival 2020, this joyous experience brings town halls to life and communities together. Touring in 2022 and 2023.

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Home Bodies

Home Bodies sees a variety of dance makers creating under conditions of extreme isolation, short bursts of dance to enliven their neighbourhoods. This project commissioned 25 artists from across NSW and Victoria to perform short dance works made to uplift people in communities of lockdown. Artists hail from a range of dance disciplines, age, gender and identities performing works on balconies, in yards, parks, playgrounds and on street corners for unexpectant audiences, enlivening places with live performance as an antidote to isolation.

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For this production, Dance Makers Collective sought advice from their dads, on how to make dance. ‘Dad dancing’ is much derided but ask a dancer’s father, “when is it ok to dance?” or “why bother dancing?” and the answers are not what you’d expect. Enter a world of secret solo dance practice, gender bending, philosophising and joyful experimentation. As contemporary dancers take their artform for a walk back through their family history, they investigate the cultural relevance of dance and its timeless ability to nurture collective experience.

Shortlisted for the 2017 Australian Dance Award for Outstanding Achievement in Independent Dance.

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The collective take a look at dance through the camera lens. Each 1 minute webisode shows the dancer exploring a unique environment with a peculiar object used as a costume. Choreographed to an eclectic soundscape composed by Timothy Constable, WEBISODES brings the dance to your desktop in strange and surprising scenes.

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Big Dance in Small Chunks

Ten dance artists present nine new and exciting short works – explosive dance in tiny bursts. Featuring a live dance and film work about boxing people in; a solo dancer orbiting a flautist and animator; and a group performance by ten dancers taking charge of their voices. Choreographers, dancers, filmmakers, musicians, visual artists, lighting and set designers team up to transform the theatre space into a constantly evolving visual landscape where anything can happen.

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