Big Dance in Small Chunks

Ten dance artists present nine new and exciting short works – explosive dance in tiny bursts. Featuring a live dance and film work about boxing people in; a solo dancer orbiting a flautist and animator; and a group performance by ten dancers taking charge of their voices. Choreographers, dancers, filmmakers, musicians, visual artists, lighting and set designers team up to transform the theatre space into a constantly evolving visual landscape where anything can happen.



Presented by FORM Dance Projects and Riverside Theatres
23-26 October, 2013


Choreography, Direction and Performers: Matt Cornell, Jenni Large, Anya Mckee, Sophia Ndaba, Melanie Palomares, Katina Olsen, Marnie Palomares, Carl Sciberras, Miranda Wheen and Rosslyn Wythes

Visual Artist: Todd Fuller

Lighting Design: Guy Harding

Composers: Cyrus Meurant, Mitchell Mollison, Gavin Clarke, George Capelas, James Brown

Photos: Gavin Clarke and Ashley McLellan


It is refreshing to see a group of young and emerging dancers and choreographers of all shapes and all backgrounds making work that is political, social, and relevant. From comedy to commentary, natural to symbolic, literal to absurd, Big Dance in Small Chunks is an appropriately titled collection of big ideas and big talent.

Jessica Lovelace, Stage Whispers

The first showing by the Dance Makers Collective has imagination, thoughtfulness, individuality, performing ability and commitment. Even a sense of humour. It is a promising start by a group of independent artists in NSW, and worth catching in what will hopefully be a beginning rather than a one-off.

Jill Sykes, Sydney Morning Herald