The Space Between


BOLD Festival Canberra, March 2019
de Quincey Co’s PLATFORM, June 2019

Over the past four years, Marnie and Melanie Palomares have been delving deep into the practice of yin yoga. The premise of yin yoga requires the body to relax in a series of poses supported by the floor and other props, held for up to five minutes. This process stimulates flow of energy through the body which is prominently felt when you release and rest in stillness between poses.

This investigation lies in the subtle, nuanced movement experienced internally within these moments of stillness.

What happens when we begin to move from this heightened state rather than keeping still and being neutral observers? This performance is a culmination of Marnie and Melanie’s findings.

Performance photos by Vsevolod Vlaskine
Studio photos by Carl Sciberras