Triple Bill



Presented by FORM Dance Projects and Riverside Theatres
11-13 September, 2014

Safe Hands

Go for the win. We’re holding out for a hero. Stand up for real action. Stronger. Team Australia. Choose a better Future. It’s Time. Go Team.

Between Two and Zero

Our bodies are complex beasts. Their mere physical structure means the potential for movement, dance, is vast and varied. Attached to these complicated vessels are minds; willful, desirous and competitive. Through rules, agreements, rhythms and set pattens two of these hopelessly sophisticated beings search for a form.  Between Two and Zero is a partner dance that revels in the struggles, the play and the real-time negotiation inherent in the attempt to dance with another person.


Sketch is a work about marking out space in the most complex and intimate ways manageable. This performance marries three unique artforms – dance, visual art and sound – in a symbiosis, where each cannot exist without the others, where real-time negotiations occur and shared decision are made so that a true harmony can be realised.  Flatline is committed to interrogating the spaces between different artforms and modes of performance, and this experience is explicitly and experiment in the gaps. Dancers, a visual artist and a composer traverse in an energetic arc, slipping through three distinct visual landscapes entirely lit by projection. We hope that this work can provide an opportunity for you to explore your own imagination.


Safe Hands

Choreographer and Performer: Miranda Wheen
Lighting Design: Guy Harding
Photos: Lorna Sim

Between Two and Zero

Choreographers and Performers: Matt Cornell and Miranda Wheen
Lighting Design: Guy Harding
Photos: Matt Cornell


Choreographer: Carl Sciberras
Visual Artist: Todd Fuller
Live Composer: Mitchell Mollison
Performers: Katina Olsen, Carl Sciberras, Rosslyn Wythes
Photos: Anya McKee


[Matt and Miranda] use each other’s body as a lever, placing limbs and weight in unexpected places that give a whole new view of a dance partnership. Between Two and Zero has a future.

Jill Sykes, Sydney Morning Herald

Wheen is energetic, tightly controlled. She moves with consummate grace yet with amazing speed and agility whilst still getting across the humour of satire and irony contained within the choreography.

Carol Wimmer, Stage Whispers

It is both entrancing and all-consuming… it is beautiful to observe the interplay of art, the dance and the performer.

Jody Kimber, Weekend Notes